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Re: Answer: November 2011, SD1, 2380 lph

Erik Magnuson wrote:

Erik Magnuson wrote:

Tom Schum wrote:

Reported in Popular Photography, resolution of the Monochrom is 2800 lines. The sensor is said to be 18 megapixels but DPR reports the image size as 5212x3472 =18.1 megapixels. Pop Photo resolution is 2800 x (2800x1.5) =11.76 megapixels or 65% of spec.

A very simple question: what does Pop Photo report as the resolution of the last Sigma camera it tested in lines?

"In the SD1's case, we found resolution ended up being closer to what you'd get from a 16mp DSLR. The SD1 turned in 2380 lines per picture height in our test..."

Now perhaps you see my point: according to Pop Photo, the SD1 is 2380x2280x1.5 or only 8.5 megapixels or 55% of spec. Still want to use Pop Photo for your resolution solution? Now a second question for you: when Pop Photo measures resolution of the sensor, do they use OOC JPEG or raw?

You have made your case very well.  I can only say I've been mistaken.  It truly seems that Pop Photo does not understand the Foveon.

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