Metabones Speed Booster - Vignetting with Tele-Lenses

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Re: Where are all the other users?

Tom Caldwell wrote:

So why no parties in the street?

Well, price and I doubt most NEX users have piles of Canon EOS lenses.

I'd have one by now if (1) it were lots cheaper or (2) if it would work with most of my favorite lenses. Actually, I'd spend $400 without hesitation if it would work with most of my lenses. Problem is, I own lenses in A-mount, M42, Minolta SR/MC/MD, Canon FL/FD/FDn, Adaptall, T, Kiev 10/15, and E-mount. Of those, only M42, Adaptall, and T lenses can be mated to the EOS Speed Booster... although I believe most lenses in most old SLR mounts would have enough clearance for the same optics.

I think the ideal would be to have a Speed Booster that has interchangeable flanges for a variety of the older manual-focus lenses. It doesn't need the electronics for such mounts, although being able to program focal length for exif data wouldn't be a bad thing.

Anyway, I'll probably still get one soon enough -- I still think it is a brilliant idea and a real game-changer if implemented and marketed in the right ways....

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