XF 14mm is a bad lens? .... absolutely not (some pictures Kek Lok Si - Chinese New Year)

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Re: XF 14mm is a bad lens? .... absolutely not (some pictures Kek Lok Si - Chinese New Year)

TThorne wrote:

seukel wrote:

Zardoz wrote:

Where are people complaining about this lens? I've seen nothing but positivity.

Your friend ratty did:


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One comment regarding corner sharpness, quickly retracted because he admitted he did not take into account the DOF in the shot is hardly the complaining some people here would like it to be. Anything better than that?

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Hi TThorne,

I was mainly refering to this one: http://www.fujix-forum.com/index.php?/topic/7491-xf-14mm-aperture-ring-quite-loose/

But it's still on the ok side from my point of view and all the rest is just perfect. And optical I only heard absolute praising on all sides - as I do praise this outstanding optical quality.



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