What's a good shutter speed for wedding etc?

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Re: Reliably getting sharp images at events

* Camera shake. Are you stabbing at that shutter release?

ProfHankD wrote:

Very likely, especially if using the camera's rear display. Use an EVF or rigid LCD viewer (under $20 on eBay) so you can brace the camera against your face. Also, make sure you are stationary when you fire the shutter -- it's easy to not realize you are still moving while trying to get/keep the subject in the frame. Looking closely at the images, camera shake looks different from focus blur, so you should be able to tell which is the problem.

I'm not sure if camera shake is the culprit here.  Given that he's shooting with the E50 (OSS) and a shutter speed of 1/200, it doesn't seem likely.  I mean, the OP would have to be shaking pretty bad.

OP, perhaps if you posted some photos it would help us help you.

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