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How are you travelling, and when?

And how old and fit are you ;-)?  The reason I ask is because the Galapagos really are right on the equator, and hot and dry, with a blazingly burning sun.   (Make sure you always protect all parts of your body from the sun, not just with sun-screen, but with clothing, whenever possible!)

Spurred by your Emai, and SirSeth's, I'm just now finally uploading the photos to my Zenfolio site.  From 8 years ago. My wife (Prof) Kathleen, daughter Ariel and I went in December 2005 and we went land-based.  That is, we flew to Quito, spent a couple of days there, and then flew to Santa Cruz, where we spent eight days in a modest but decent hotel in Porto Ayoro and alternately went on cruises to neighbouring islands and scuba diving (challenging!) for six of them, with Scuba Iguana, a very good and very ecologically responsible dive and tour operation.

Even the walk to and through Darwin Station can be exhausting, and the couple of klicks along the stone walk to Tortuga Beach are quite a hike.  A walk through the turtle farm is also pretty hot, and the long uphill walk at places like Bartolome is even more so.

You will want to carry as portable and ready-to-hand a camera kit as possible, both to save your own energy, and also to be able to keep up with any group (since the Galapagos is mostly one big nature park, most sites require a licensed guide).  I often found a second body - even when it was Ariel's little Canon S-70 to be a big help for times when I just did not want to lug - or scare people - with something bigger, and whenever I had the wrong lens on the E-1 for something that happened quickly.

SirSeth is right in pointing out that even though most of the animals are very approachable, 135/APS will not give you the reach that you need.  The 50-200 also proved ideal for me, by allowing decent

shots of these guys.  Even though they simply stayed where they were - 1 1/2 to 2 meters away,

moving any closer would really have been an imposition on their space.

Someone liked this one so much that they stole a 13x19 print of it from a recent photo show!

Blue-footed Boobys have to be seen to be believed!

A much more common bird, found there, too,

And forever flying overhead and squawking and bickering!

One big problem that I had with the E-1 was the limited dynamic range in an environment of blazing sun and harsh, dark shadows.  The Pentax K5 is apparently quite good here, but the OM-D's "see what you are getting" VF - and, evenmore,  its shadow/highlight functions - would have been a huge help in getting more and better pictures.

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