Laptop choice. Real estate vs Screen Quality

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Re: Laptop choice. Real estate vs Screen Quality

DCooper wrote:

I need to make a choice between the two sized options, that is based on the extra real estate of a 17" vs the better screen quality of the 15":

Extra real estate is bad, especially if you won't use it since you are getting an external monitor. 17" laptops are very unwieldy. Get the 15".

17" version with a AUO Matte, 72% gamut widescreen,which is supposed to be great screen. (because of the size I can also have a DVD drive) £1727
15" with an excellent screen, AUO Matte 95% widescreen, (no DVD drive) £1639. The colour reproduction is supposed to be superb, based on reviews.

Seeing as I intend to get a 24" plus sized monitor in the future and I could purchase an external DVD drive sometime, what of the two options would you recommend for photo editing?

You are spending a lot on the laptop. Make sure you have enough left to spend on the monitor. That is the most important thing.

Do I need a DVD drive for screen calibration software?


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