How many cameras has Sigma sold?

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Re: Choice is better

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

The terms that came to mind about you dragging a pointless PC/Mac war into a camera forum. It's really too bad you only want everything to be exactly as you would like it and have no choice for anyone; but then I guess that is to be expected based on your desire that people's choices in cameras be removed as well.

I'll let you have the last response, but I thought someone better versed in mobile technology should at least correct some of your more blatant errors and raise a flag for choice being a GOOD thing even if some choices are not what you would prefer.

I don't think he ever said or implied that people shouldn't have the right to choose Apple products if they wanted too.  Perhaps your "mother Grizzly" feelings towards Sigma (and Apple too, apparently) are getting the better of you.

Agreed about the thread getting hijacked though, so, does anyone have any idea of Sigma's sales figures?

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