Photos from 2 cameras, unsynced clocks.

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Re: Photos from 2 cameras, unsynced clocks.

Like I said earlier you have several options:

1.  In Lightroom, you can use the Edit Capture Time function to either advance or turn back one set of the photos by 30 minutes.  Click on Metadata > Edit Capture Time > Adjust to a specific date and time from the menu and its essentially self-explanatory.

So you can use Lightroom's flitering by metadata (the \ backslash key) to find all the photos in the shoot taken with a particular camera, select them, then make the time adjustment to the first photo and it will also modify the other photos by a similar amount of time.

The only limitation is that these adjustments will only show up in Lightroom (also, Lightroom does not write to all the possibly time fields so sorting might still be off in Windows Explorer, for example).  For a more thorough solution look at a utility like EXIFTool:

ernieba1 wrote:

I'm using Windows 7, I have Lightroom 4 and Photoshop CS2 (possibly upgrading soon), and shot RAW (on a Canon 6D, so it's a CR2 file). I don't still have the cameras, though I have the still loaded SD cards.

Both cameras clocks might be incorrect, but they were incorrect differently. The issue is that I went from one to the other often in quick succession, so when reviewing them, I get a picture from one moment, then one from half an hour later, then earlier, later, etc. I just need to move all that came from one camera back; the actual time is unimportant.

Thanks for your help!

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