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Re: ?!?! I agree with you description of thinking

rovingtim wrote:

3) rebooting 43rds would give them 2 fields of cameras that almost intersect.

... and twice the development costs, and twice the advertising costs, and twice the supply costs ...

You can believe this point Tim. How, with shared processing, electronics, shutter mechanism, sensor, sensor stabilization and add on features could the AF, and optical Viewfinder mean twice anything... To me you are just trying to perpetuate your position.

Most of the major development costs are there, they have an excellent OVF ready to go... so question is, have they been working on a traditional PDAF system, or have they been working on the on sensor PDAF... or both?

Have they been working on an improved mirror mechanism for more FPS?

Really that is it, those are the major development costs... 2, and if they have the on-sensor PDAF ready to go then One Beautiful system is here... If not, Mirror and PDAF, and I can be almost certain they will have been developing their PDAF processing just in case.

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