RX1 vs. Olympus e-m5

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Re: RX1 vs. Olympus e-m5

jafleming3 wrote:

Corpy2 wrote:

Any thoughts on this one? I have the e-m5, with some good lenses (Oly 20mm, Pana 25mm, and Oly 45mm). E-m5 with m43 sensor.

My thoughts turn to the RX1, with a full frame sensor. and quite decent lens, fixed.

Reason: Something pocketable (ok, big pockets).

Question: Is there any reason to not think that the image quality will be substantially better with the RX1?


(note: I am also posting this on the m43 forum)

An unusual question. The Oly is much less expensive, interchangeable lenses, not full frame. Both cameras are light and small, but neither is truly pocketable. Both cameras are excellent - the Oly was Camera of the Year here, the RX1 was camera of the year elsewhere. I'd say it boils down to personal preference.


The Oly was voted camera of the year here, but I would expect mostly due to folks who owned the  Oly and not the RX1. The Oly was out long before the RX1 and most folks had never used or owned the RX1. It was mostly a popularity contest here.    WC

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