X20 may scuttle my plans to get an Oly E-PL 5

Started Feb 17, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: X20 may scuttle my plans to get an Oly E-PL 5

Hi Tom,

You asked a question that's been rolling around my head for several days now.  You asked, "Is this the first time full-res sample shots have been unavailable right up to product release time?"  I hope somebody here can answer that question.  I would like to think positively and say the reason for the X20's tardiness is because of a last minute firmware upgrade … total guess but if not then why?  It seems very spooky to me!  Will we ever know?

You also said that the X10 was not like this.  Well, for me, you cleared that question up.  As you might know, I'm a newbie to Fuji and to these forums.  The anticipation is driving people crazy …. including me! … lol

BTW, concerning the X10, how soon did you have full-res sample shots before the X10 was released?  tia

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