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Potential for zombie attack on CaNikon

Craig from Nevada wrote:

John--Olympus has an economic problem and not an accounting problem.

Those are actually strongly linked in business.

IMO, they have always had a much larger marketing problem that has then lead to red ink.  Olympus put considerable effort into marketing the first Micro FT products, in particular, and recently into the OMD line, so they appear to realise this.

On a prospective basis do they have the products to compete and be profitable. The restated forecast loss is a big problem. When they made the projection they did not understand what was going to happen in the market--This is a change in demand (not a change in the quantity demanded) for cameras.) How the worlds uses imaging technology may have changed.

Photography / videography is likely to be in constant change for a while yet.  It likely won't stabilise until they get to the point where humans are directly interfaced with such technology.  (Assuming that we don't get shouldered aside by our own technological creations by that point, and dumped into some form of wildlife refuge.)

Business tends to be conservative, and you can see just how conservative Canon and Nikon have been with their "mirrorless" products so far.  Samsung (and to a lesser extent Sony) have been the most adventurous in developing novel solutions in this market, but they are not presently a threat to 'CaNikon' so the writing on the wall is being ignored.

A free-standing camera is okay for some, but the world may want a single device to communicate with the world including the capacity to take and sent pictures. OMD is not this device.

The OMD has sold extremely well because it ticks a lot of boxes for a broad customer base.  Everyone from retro-enthusiasts looking for a shiny shiny fashion accessory through to those wanting cutting-edge IBIS can get something useful from that product.  Olympus did miss a segment by not putting decent video options in there, but perhaps the next OMD model will have some Sony-licensed video processing options.

The problem for Olympus is to cover as broad a swath of the digital imaging market as possible (remembering that their strength is in optics, so you can forget embedded cameras in cellphones etc.) while also turning a profit from that coverage.  Their lacklustre P&S models have never sold well and have a bad reputation for reliability, so perhaps they should re-brand Sony developed P&S and provide the optics -- possibly what they intend -- while putting some thought into how standard FT can be most useful.

At this point, it appears that C-AF is the area where CDAF systems struggle, so it makes sense to me that they work on making a body suitable for turning the HG and SHG lens lines into a system that can compete with the 'CaNikon' lock on sports and other fast-action photography.  Nobody really cares about how big (or white) your lens is, they want the results.  If photographers know that they can get the required results with less gear weight and costs (both in buying the gear and in transporting the extra weight and volume) then Olympus can make a good sized dent with this 'dead' system.

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