Should I consider a D600 or D700 for my needs?

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Re: Should I consider a D600 or D700 for my needs?

WT21 wrote:

I currently shoot a Canon 5D. And I really have no complaints at all except AF.

I was at a friends' birthday party for their daughter, and my friends always appreciate me shooting pics and loading them up. But it was indoors, fast moving, sometimes dim lighting. I got plenty of keepers with the 5D, but have to keep center point on target for focus got to be a bit of a pain.

I did use a D700 last fall (rented) and loved the controls, and it seemed to me the larger AF area and AF spots would be a help, but it was heavy and big for what I like to carry. Given the price difference from my 5Dc classic to the D700, I decided to just stick with the 5D.

After last night's event, I'm rethinking the need for better AF.

For my needs -- catching fast moving kids -- can the D600 pretty much perform as well as the D700? I'd prefer the D600 for the smaller size/weight, though I can get the D700 cheaper.

Any thoughts are appreciated. Especially from those who have used both. I might just keep on with the 5D, but I know someone who recently talked about selling their D600, so I thought I'd consider it.

I forgot who performed the test, but for action the keeper rate will be much higher with the D700. You will appreciate the larger number of AF points for action, but also if you manually select AF points to focus on eyes using the rule of thirds.

A few users, myself included, have noted that the D700 is a little more reliable in low light.

Finally, you know you love the D700 controls. Easy choice.

For landscapes and uses where solid AF is less critical, you might choose the D600. It's dynamic range is superb, but the d700 can exceed it if you utilize bracketing. You can only bracket 3 shots with the D600...

I also think the D700 will hold its value better over time- even if it is already 5 years old. It has no real flaws, and has proven to be very reliable and built like a tank.

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