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Re: Joseph W is an expert, but ...

Detail Man wrote:

... but what(?) ... (he would probably say) ...

CAcreeks wrote:

At low ISO, the old CCD images look sharper than the new CMOS images.

What do you specifically mean by the term "sharper" ?

For example, it took Panasonic a long time to reach the quality of their old CCD-based FZ models, and they might not be there yet. I find the Canon S100s a bit fuzzier than the S90s at low ISO. It has nothing to do with color saturation.

What do you specifically mean by the term "fuzzier" ? Have owned/used the FZ30, FZ50, and LX3.

Detail Man wrote:

See this post on this thread:

This makes sense concerning color accuracy.

It is also true that CMOS is faster for video, and less expensive to make.

I just do not find it as sharp, based on empirical evidence.

"Sharp" ? Awaiting your specific explanation of what it is that you are talking about.

The term "empirical" does not mean much when the implict subjectivity of human visual perception coupled with lingual expression renders such observations in the realm of "anecdotal".

One characteristic of CCD sensors is that they are prone to "bloom" at higher illumination levels (where electron-charges may migrate between individual photo-sites) - whereas buffered CMOS photo-sites do not exhibit that particualr phenomena. That is a disadvantage of CCDs.

Base ISO settings are where any photo-site non-linearities are most probable to show themselves.

Another factor that is not specific to CCD or CMOS type image-sensors is the strength of the optical anti-aliasing filters used. If the differences that you report relate to spatial-frequency response, then such observations may relate to those differences - and not to the technology.

I recently took a close look at LX7 RW2s as compared to LX5 RW2s of the same test-scene. It appears that the (CMOS) LX7 may quite possibly use stronger AA filters than does the (CCD) LX5.

In a similar manner to CFAs, it may well be hard to separate CCD/CMOS from the AA filters used ...

A post I did on the Canon Forum: For Detail Man

I own the S95, S100 & S110. I am chagrined at what I see! Are my eyes are deceiving me? The S95 has the S100/110 beat by a mile on IQ. (I know S95 has a CCD sensor, whereas S100/110 have a CMOS)

I compare the IQ on all three and the S95 consistently gives clearer and sharper images. This from my own comparisons.....and Imaging Resource Comparator's site.

And whats more the S100 is clearer & sharper than the S110. I bought the S110 because I got tired of waiting for the S100 to give the "Lens Error" message. I used the S100 in every imagineable circumstance: hot & humid, cold etc. So even though my S100 falls in the serial number range for affected units, it keeps on chugging with no "error." I guess I should be happy about that?

I usually sell my Canon/Nikon cameras after a few months when I buy the next iteration. Obviously I'll never be able to sell the S100!  Who would want it?  Maybe someone for $50 because Canon has guaranteed the fix.

My daughter and husband are going to Europe for a month and she wants to take the S100 with her. "If" it's going to fail it most certainly will on that trip. Her husband will take another camera (Nikon?)

I just can't believe the S110 is as poor as it appears to be in IQ. Needless I'm disappointed.

CCDs or CMOSs:

To my eyes, based on S95 vs S100/110 IQ, CCDs are still superior. I know IQ is a "subjective" thing to the viewer. However, when comparing shots only seconds apart and with identical lighting, you don't have to be a "expert" to see the difference.

And for the record? The Fujifilm F30/31fd and the F200EXR were the last "great/good" P&Ss that Fuji made! Everything else since has consistently fallen short.

If you do respond? Please keep your answers short and to the point. Your explanations on this thread, while replete with technological knowledge, are most tiring. (That's not a criticism, just an observation)

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