Front-wearing camera bag

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Front-wearing camera bag

Howdy all!

For the TL;DR version, jump to the end.

I will be going to Africa for 3 weeks in a few months, and would like to get a new bag to hold my camera and gear in. I'm currently using the LowePro apex 140 AW. Just big enough to hold the camera (including the 18-55 lens), charger, and a few small items.

I'll be wearing a pretty standard day-pack with hydration in it. I took this pack and the Apex camera bag that I currently have to Peru for two weeks, and found it very uncomfortable. I actually ended up taking the strap off of the bag and just carrying it using the handle.

So, what I am looking for is this:

A bag that I can fit my Nikon D3000, the 18-55 lens, a 55-200 lens (with cover), some memory cards, a couple extra batteries, charger (if possible. I could always put that in another bag), some memory cards, and some other miscellaneous small camera gear. I want to be able to wear this along with my daypack. And I'll need to be able to get at my camera and extra lens easily.

I saw someone on my Peru tour with a top-loader bag that was strapped to his chest. It looked like a neat idea. Has anyone used one of those before? If so, was it comfortable? What are they called / can you suggest a good one?

Will take any advice!


TL;DR version:

In essence, I am looking for a camera bag to hold my Nikon D3000, 15-55 lens, 55-200 lense, spare battery, other small camera items, and allow me to get to them quickly. And I'll also be wearing a daypack on my back so I will need to wear it on my front.

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