A few general shots with my HX200V

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Re: A few general shots with my HX200V

Bill Borne wrote:

I will go along with those that say it's necessary to increase the quality of the lenses as you go up in MP.  And of course larger pixels (if it's the same generation design) will help some in lower light.  Otherwise it's more a matter of learning to use what you have. Folks tend to defeat themselves going along with some "common knowledge" which is less knowledge than it looks. Without ever really working at what's possible.

Sony might not update the firmware.  But if we can get any feedback to them maybe the next generation they won't kill jpegs so much.  One can hope, anyway.

So Yes Walt, you have the right Idea...You came up with topaz for instance, Whatever it takes. I'll have to try it...I have Topaz.

I still say the best 2 cams I have for macro shooting are my 828 & H-5

I experimented with several anti artifact software choices before settling on Topaz DeJpeg.  And that it was more that it damaged the images I take the least in doing it's work. I rarely do final images larger than 2048 pixels wide and it works well for me at that. If I very carefully apply my entire PP step chain.  The HX200v definitely depends for good output on good PP techniques compared to my a700 DSLRs.

My a700s and large set of macro lenses and gear are my best for macro shooting. I can do much more with them. The HX200v is my "too lazy to cart it all" camera. Also my very wide range of zoom camera.  But it's something I consider worthwhile to get the best I can out of any camera I use.

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