Wow!! My first run in with Canikon snob...

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olynik969 wrote:

I owned Minolta (and Nikon) when they went through the Sony buy out. I was for one, devistated that a TV company would get into the "DSLR" mix with "the Pro's" in that field, Nikon, Canon, Minolta, Pentax and Oly. I actually went to the extent of stating I'd "NEVER, EVER" (not unlike the Taylor Swift Song) own a Sony, Panny or Samsung DSLR!!!!

Since then, I've owned (over time) a Panny G2, GH2, Sony a700, a55 and now an a57 and a77 (and toying with the idea of an a99 and NEX-6).

That said, I've never put down others for their selection....... To me that is simply amazing lunacy! All are individuals and if we were all exactly alike in our tastes and preferences and personalities, what a boring place we would live in..... Our differences are so important to growth and appreciation of new and fun experiences and ideas and inventions.....

Best to all, Bob

LOL, ha the same here Bob   Took me a long time to take Sony seriously after the Minolta buy out. Then what......... Panasonic !! you must be kidding and look at us now mate, LOL. Panasonic G2 and now the NEX-7, what the heck am I thinking

All the very best Bob, funny how it changes huh.


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