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Ann Chaikin wrote:

Wow. That is amazing. Did it take you a long time to get them to sit on your hand? We once went to a bird sanctuary in Jamaica where two kinds of hummers would sit on your hand and drink. It was an amazing experience.

No not long ... but I had a trick.  By removing 3 of the 4 "flowers" on the feeder (and plugging holes) it only gave them one choice ... the one with the fat finger in front of it.

Since I'm often out on the deck where the feeders hang the hummers get used to me.  One of my favorite shooting spots for the view of the lake below is right between the two I have hanging.  Many birds use my head as an obstacle or a race pylon as they chase each other around.  I usually stand only a couple feet from the feeder to observe them.  As long as I stay still it only takes a minute or two for them to swoop in like I wasn't even there.  Occasionally one gets curious and will come up to hover at eye level only a foot from my nose.


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