Please help suggest studio strobes for me

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Re: Please help suggest studio strobes for me

Beware of a few things with the Chinese-sourced studio strobe kits. First, the color temperature can vary a lot over the range of power settings. Second, they don't sync very well sometimes. With the ones I had I could shoot at 1/160th and no faster, and that's with a hard PC sync cable. Third, and most important for your purposes, the softboxes are ridiculous, with diffusion fabric that is treated with some kind of florescent bleach, which resists all attempts at white balance. But the light itself without the modifiers is just fine. And so's the snoot.

That being said, the Flashpoints were sturdy reliable units that took a lot of abuse on location and never gave up. But all Chinese strobes do not get equal quality control, and the end products of different supplies (interfit, calumet, etc) are said to be varied. Some are enthusiastic about the PCB Einsteins. But one thing I can tell you that will save you a lot of headaches is to buy modifiers from a reliable maker ONLY. The Photek umbrellas are very nice and the Softlighter II is a great modifier. There are a number of good softbox makers, but you will have to be sure that there is a speedring that will attach to your strobes.

One more thing, food for thought. Consider buying a used high end setup. After five years, it will have cost you at most $1000 in depreciation. Compare this with a $1000 new Chinese setup. In five years, after many headaches, they will be almost worthless, and possibly unrepairable. I chose Profoto in the end.

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