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Zalafoto USA wrote:

GarageBoy wrote:

The issue with 2700mAh+ NiMHs (non low self discharge) is that they did not age well at all. After a few cycles, they self discharged in a week
(charge monday, dead friday)

Eneloops maybe lower capacity, but much more reliable

That is my experience, too. I only use Eneloops now. I have many sets of 4 AAs for flashguns. The non Eneloops will not hold for a few days. I got a fancy slow charger to protect their life cycle, that means long charging time. By the time I charge the 4th or 5th set the first sets are useless. I gave a shot to Eneloops before going to non chargeable and I am pleased with them so far.

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Well, I'm not an idiot and I have a couple of really good Maha chargers and I have a reasonable idea how to treat batteries. I'm sick of standard NIMH batteries dying on me after a modest number of charges. If you have only one camera or one flash gun that needs rechargeables, it's not so difficult to manage two sets of batteries for it. But if you have a number of devices, and spares, it becomes difficult to track what set has been sitting around too long. Eneloops might not be the most powerful, but they're so reliable. Given power or reliability, I'll go with reliable. I think perhaps people who are dissing eneloops maybe don't have the problem of dealing with a number of flash guns. Which gun did I use last, how long have the batteries been in that gun, how many guns will I use for this shot?... A herd of eneloops is far easier to maintain.

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