Concerned about JPEG quality. Is my RX100 faulty?

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Re: Solved: Concerned about JPEG quality. Is my RX100 faulty?

MichalLeder wrote:

Thanks for contribution here

After some experiments - I think I solved it. The bad noise is being introduced in JPEG mode when I pull the contrast down to -3, whatever creative style chosen, portrait or standard. Looks like the JPEG algorithm tries to recover shadows and introduces a lot of chroma noise. Just revert contrast to 0 and it looks fine again. The noise will be even more pronounced when I apply picture effect of Retro or H-Key - camera trying to recover shadows will produce huge noise in the shadows at high ISO in difficult light conditions.

Anyway it seems to be weird - I was always relating higher contrast to higher noise level.

BTW, your examples look similar to my results, so I conclude my RX100 is OK.

Thanks and I wish good light to everybody!

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Best regards

Glad to have been of some help:) Enjoy.

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