EF-20 or EF-X20 on X100s?

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Re: EF-20 or EF-X20 on X100s?

mibu2011 wrote:

I have started this thread as this has become the topic towards the end of another thread.

I have the X100s on order and I had intended to also purchase the the EF-20 flash for the simple reason that it can swivel for bounce flash.

I have however read excellent reviews on the EF-X20 although it doesn't bounce and as I don't like that direct flash, harsh and often shadow lighting I didn't think it was for me.

It has been brought to my attention that the EF-20 is really a re-branded Sun

No, not Sun, Sunpak.

Flash product which is why on the X100/X100s you need to set the camera to external flash when using it (external in Fuji speak meaning a 3rd party, non Fuji flash)

You were provided with incorrect information. I don't have the EF-20, I have an EF-42, which is also a rebranded and reconfigured-for-Fuji Sunpak flash, so by this bogus theory I should also be using 'external flash'. I actually did that by mistake the first day I had it, somehow, and I can tell you that the results were not good.

whereas the EF-X20 is a Fuji product through and through and this setting is not necessary as the camera recognises it is a Fuji flash and a non 3rd party flash. I have also been shown a good example of an outdoor shot where the EF-X20 has been used head on for fill and the result looked pretty good.

I would be really interested in views on these two flashes and the experiences of those who have used either (or both) on an inside setting, where there has been a white ceiling to bounce off and what your experience has been either with the EF-20 bounced or the EF-X20 head on, and how it deals with direct portrait type images. Does the EF-X20 give the direct, harsh lighting that you generally see on snapshot type compact camera images or does the combination of X100 and EF-X20 handle it better than that?

If at all possible some examples to see would be greatly appreciated.

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