Minolta lenses are back focusing

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Re: Minolta lenses are back focusing

Habs Fan27 wrote:

I can say for sure that my 70-210 is backfocusing after some more testing yesterday. It was not before (or at least not to this extent) so I'm inclined to think they adjusted the autofocus in the body or did nothing at all.

This leads me to conclude the AF was adjusted in the lense only to compensate for an added error in the body.

They did replace the mirror box so I wonder if this messed up the autofocus, or maybe they just did a crap job?

The mirror in an SLT is just a mirror, no box. The replacement mirror probably had a slightly different position or angle, which is expected as it's a cheap product, and the adjustment afterwards was probably in the lense software. The expected result in this case would be spot on focusing with that lense only and backfocus with all other lenses. This is why it's imperative to send along all lenses one wants good focus on when having the camera AF adjusted.

When I get a good block of time, I'll try to tackle the adjustment myself. Thanks to everyone for the input.

Glad to hear you got it better.


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