Do you non professionals still use DSLR's? And why?

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Re: Living in the past?

Hatstand wrote:

ultimitsu wrote:

I am not imposing my standard or requirement on you.

With respect - from my point of view, everything that followed in that last post was you telling me what would constitute "acceptable" or a "keeper" for you. What you​ need, to get what ​you want.

No, I never said such. if you go back and check my very first post responding to you, I said this:

"600D can maintain "an SNR of 30dB while keeping a good dynamic range of 9 EVs and a color depth of 18bits" at iso 793 while FZ150 can only do the same at iso 132."

The benchmark has never been what I personally find to be acceptable. but rather, an objective standard - colour accuracy, DR, and SNR.

what is interesting though, is that even though you insist you have a different  standard and I have asked for you to show five iso 1600 keepers to indicate that your standard is much lower, four posts later you still have not got them.

You're telling me I have to be able to shoot at ISO3200 which is what you consider a requirement, to meet your IQ standards. (Actually, what would most likely happen is - I would use lower ISO and slower shutter speed... my image would then not be as sharp as yours and not perfectly frozen.

Look, that is fine too, then please show us some photos where you lowered shutter speed by 8 times to reduce ISO from 3200 to 400 and you consider it a keeper. My argument is that they do not exist. i am guessing and arguing that your "acceptable standard" is in practice much higher than you arguing them to be in this thread. You can easily prove me wrong by showing some examples.

ie. I took the shot, but your IQ is better, which I accept. What I don't accept is you telling me I simply couldn't shoot in the first place!).

As I have addressed this point in the very post that you quoted, what i meant is not that you are unable to pull the trigger, but unable to generate keepers. Again, it only takes you five example photos to prove me wrong.

You see, I never said FZ150 cannot shoot action.

You said: "your FZ does indeed prevent you from shooting action".

Does that not mean the same thing?

Perhaps that was not the best choice of words, but I am sure all my subsequent qualifications made it clear that the point is not "you cannot pull the trigger", but "you cannot get keepers" in certain conditions.

I said yoru list omitted high iso Iq which is a important attribute for action photography.

I listed the stuff that enable me to take action shots in the first place.

Not at all. People used to shoot action with manual lenses. In reality any camera with a working lens and shutter can shoot action. the difference comes down to keeper rate. with manual lens and long shutter lag, one may only get 1 keeper in every 100 shots. with good tracking AF and low shutter lag, one may get 50 in every 100. thus better AF, burst rate and all these things you listed are not essential for you to "take action shots in the first place", they merely improve your chances of getting good action shots.

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