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Re: Return policy works fine for Amazom

I walked into a local store that I frequented this one time with a return. I had been buying from them for about a year. They tagged me as a frequent returner, which I was fine with. As it turns out, I had purchased from them 14 times in that year, for a total of around $11K, and had returned 4 times in that same year for a total of $3K. All my returns were packed, as new in the box, pristine condition. 2 of them I actually never opened. I just bought them because they were in stock and hard to get, but after siting on my desk for a week with no interest and not even opening them, I decided I obviously didn't want/need them that bad.

Anyway, they told me that I was tagged as a frequent returner and that from here on out, I had to pay a 20% restocking fee for returned items. I told them I understood and that was fine with me.

After the return transaction was completed, he asked if there was anything else he could help me with. At the time I was looking at replacing my Nikon 70-200VR1 with the VR2 version which they had in stock for $2400. He got one out for me to see and told me that it was a good upgrade. I pretty much knew I would make the change, but it is difficult to really compare in the store. So then I asked him if I returned it after a couple days, if he thought the 20% or $480 was really worth it just to try it out. He immediately dropped my restocking fee to 15% or $360. While I was pondering it, not complaining or questioning their decision to charge me a restocking fee at all, I got on my iPhone and went on Amazon while the sales guy walked away to give me a moment to think about it. There it was on Amazon, in stock, totally safe from restocking fees...

I wonder if the sales guy knew what was going on, because he returned and out of the blue told me he was reducing my restocking fee to 10% on that purchase, or $240. It was too little, too late. The choice had been clear and already made with Amazon one click purchasing.

I am a big supporter of the local stores and have several that I frequently purchase from today, but as long as companies draw clear lines in the sand, making purchasing and returning easy and trouble free for the consumer, then they have the advantage, an advantage that they are well aware of and that they purposely use in their favor.

Amazon does smart business. I have had them screw up in the past and discount a couple orders beyond what I thought was in their margin to do so. You know what? It doesn't matter to them. One purchase means NOTHING. They see my account, and how much business I give them. They are in it for the long haul, and they know what they are doing.

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