Who Do We Trust for Bottled Printer Ink

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Re: Who Do We Trust for Bottled Printer Ink

TonyGamble wrote:

Any observations on my post, Joe?

If I move to refillables to use up all that Cone ink would you recommend his cartridges or one of the others like Inkjetfly? Those look far simpler and don't have the business of fiddling around with the chips.


Tony, only the carts from IJF for the 3800 use only the MK and PK if that is what you are refering to. Their carts form the 3880 need to use ALL the original OEM chips.

CONE and IJF 3880 carts are identical. So if you be cheaper for you  to purchase them from IJF and then fill them with CONE ink if you wish.

If you still have enough CONE K3 inks for your R2400 all you would need is to buy CONE VM and LVM K3.

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