What cheap lens to buy?

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Re: What cheap lens to buy?

AnandaSim wrote:

vellagio wrote:

Hi guys. I'm new to the forum and to the photography at all and that's my first thread, so sorry if there's allready the same debate.

Couple of weeks ago I bought myself an Olympus E-PM1 with the standart 14-42mm zuiko kit lens. I'm quite satisfied with the photos but I discovered that I'm a fan of the "bokeh" effect which unfotunatelly I can not get quite well with that lens. So my question is what lens will you recommend me. And my only requirement is to be cheap- not more than 50Eur. I browsed e-bay and there are many lenses for around 20-40eur. I read some reviews of different 50mm lenses and i really liked the minolta rokkor-x 50mm 1.4

So what can you recommend me?

I have the MD Rokkor f/1.4 and f/1.7 - you do need a non electronic mechanical only adapter to fit the lens. I have not got very sharp shots at full wide aperture - there's flare and blur. There is also the 45 Rokkor. Basically if you can get such a lens not bulky it's not convenient. Which brings to mind the Olympus OM 50mm lens. That is said to be good sharpness.

Some people have mentioned the Yashica 50mm (or similar). There are Canon / Nikon as well - since mirrorless became popular, the second prices have gone up. It may be a good idea to find second hand shops, collector's swap meets, ebay and for the exact time you buy, a good balance of fair sharpness and lowest price.

I am on holiday away from home so can't shoot a quick one to show you.

Hi again. Thanks for the fast answers. I'm aware that I need an adaptor for the lens

Actually I won an auction on ebay for Minolta MD 50mm 1,7 for 12Euros

Can you please tell me is there a significant difference between the 1,4 and 1,7? Thanks

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