49mm UV filter /protective filter for nex 5n

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Re: 49mm UV filter /protective filter for nex 5n

DtEW wrote:

There are lots of threads in this forum about the subject of filters if you just do a search. There are plenty of people who use filters for protection and effects, and plenty that don't. And also plenty of people that evangelize in whatever direction they chose, as if it was The One And Only Truth™. Those people are stupid.

Well, you called that one right! It's not even clear what OP was really asking about, but there sure are a lot of, uh, opinions on the matter.

Using a filter purely for protection is a decision each person should make based on the conditions they usually shoot in.

When i worked as a photojournalist and freelanced, using equipment nearly every day for a dozen years, the skylight or uv filters never came off the lenses (except to put a different kind of filter on). The filters got banged, scratched, dented, splattered, and eventually replaced if necessary. The glass on the lenses, which i still have, looks pretty much like it did when i bought them.

For occasional use, in clean environments, and if one is careful, using a filter purely or mainly for lens protection is probably less of a factor.

Yes, any piece of glass in front of the lens will, theoretically degrade the image, but probably not to an extent that would make any meaningful difference in most cases. Exception being, perhaps, in cases where a point light source in the image might cause flare from the added surface of a filter.

As for brands, this info. is a few years old, but it's an objective attempt to determine the performance of a number of brands of uv filters at that point in time…

UV filters test; Description of the results and summary

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