Who Do We Trust for Bottled Printer Ink

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Re: Who Do We Trust for Bottled Printer Ink

jtoolman wrote:

Alpha Doug wrote:

There seems to be a little mis-understanding here. Whenever you have an empty cartridge warning, and you change out the cartridge, the machine will go through a full head cleaning operation. This wastes a lot of ink from the cartridges that aren't empty yet. What I suggested above was to have a second set of fillable cartridges, full and ready to go. So when one cartridge is empty (presumably others are not empty yet, but used some)I change out the whole set with the all full cartridges. Then I refill the partially empty cartridges an store them for the next change out. This has the effect of wasting less ink the changing out each cartridge as it becomes empty. When I switched from the OEM inks to the Cone inks, I just changed out one cartridge at a time as the OEMs became empty. I did not notice any change in color gamut or density at all. Best thing I ever did. I now get MUCH longer intervals between cartridge change outs, and because my ink costs are so low, I no longer cringe when I want to do some "test" printing to optimize a particular printing technique or test papers.

Exactly what I do and recommend>

Aha, that explains it.  I have never waited to get an empty cartridge warning before I change out a cartridge.  I have changed when the level got down to around 12%.  My printer has never gone through a full head cleaning.  With the Cone cartridges they always read around 100% so there is not a head cleaning cycle when I take one out to refill.  Some people refill without even removing cartridges.

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