Moving from E-PL1 to? .. Pairing the GX1 w/Oly lenses? .. a bad idea for a me?

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Re: Moving from E-PL1 to? .. Pairing the GX1 w/Oly lenses? .. a bad idea for a me?

Iasso wrote:

that since Oly has IS in the body, and Pan has IS in it's lenses.. will the total loss of IS by pairing a GX1 body with an Oly lens be catastrophic for someone who shoots with the best stabilization a single hand could offer?

My original compact body was a E-PL2, but after less than a year using it, I sold it and bought a GX1. For me, I found the GX1 much better in terms of better grip, quick response, and of course image quality.

By the time I got the E-PL2, I was a long-time GH1 owner (and G1 before it), so I had a blend of Panasonic and Olympus lenses--all my slower zooms were OIS Panasonics, while the fast primes were fine without IS. The thing is, I never used IBIS on my E-PL2 because I got sharper images with it off, even at speeds when it theoretically should have helped--i.e., 1/50 or slower. IBIS Lite on the E-PL and E-PM series inferior to IBIS on the E-P series, which of course is inferior to the IBIS on the E-M series.

My bottom line would be this: If you're shooting with fast or wide angle lenses, you won't miss much if anything. Slow normal and telephoto zooms are a different story--I would sell any normal and telephoto zooms for their OIS Panasonic equivalents (of which there are plenty to choose from at each price point).

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