Ink Republic CIS nightmare!

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Re: Ink Republic CIS nightmare!

Robert Hoy wrote:

jtoolman wrote:

I do not think it is an ink clogging problem as much as it is an ink flow or air problem.

Did you try a higher positioning of the bottles?

I am beginning to think so too, see my update from yesterday too.

After I re-installed the system yesterday and got poor nozzle patters I pulled dampers out to see ink levels and they were all partially filled which means ink is not flowing into them. Inkrepublic states to have the ink bottles on the same table the printer is on because raising the bottles will flood the printer. I tried raising the bottles by 1.5 inches with no different results.

The heat in my place is about 64 degrees and their website has "help" that says using a hair dryer on the tubes will help ink flow - not something I want to have to do just to get my printer working properly.

Like I said, that type of CISS which just uses a dip tube needs to be placed at the "MAGIC" position heightwise. Too low, no ink flow. Too high and you get ink simply flowing into the dampers through the head. You need to experiment till you find that magic spot.

The syphon type such as sold by Inkjetfly are much more tolerable to high positioning of the tanks. Yet I had to place then height of two VHS tapes. What ever that distance is and it worked perfectly.

But regardless, I have totally stopped using them. Execpt for one of my 1400 which I use to overcoat glossy and luster prints to remove all traces of gloss differential and bronzing caused on some papers by Pigment inks.

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