The D800, a case for the higher resolution

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Re: The D800, a case for the higher resolution


i will buy a d800 next month.

i could have a d600 instead, but i hate spots on pictures.

I will use it with a zeiss 35 f:2 mainly and i am not very experienced!

And for my kind of pictures it is not necessary at all (see phipop com if you want) but i want it.

What i would like to see is this please :


I think the reality is that only a few people out of a thousand even begin to start using that camera to its fullest potential. The rest, well they just click and enjoy happy accidents

Meanwhile, people who understood the camera for what it was were out taking incredible pictures.

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please tell me where i can see them, no pictures of dogs cats or babys or waterfalls(i like them all but...) or please write links where i can see incredible pictures with d800.

thanks in advance


Thank you !

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