D-800, what tablet and wireless for tethering?

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Re:wireless tether

Thanks for the links and information.

The cam ranger sounds neat, but I don't really like the idea of something hanging off the d800 by it's wire.  It would be great when using a tripod, but I'm not using one in the situations that I'll be using this setup in.

Shooting parties and receptions, moving around the room amongst people, I think I need something that is compact, mounted to the camera, or in the camera like an SD wireless.

I do like the idea of the usb wireless.  I came across something like this a month or two ago on one of the forums.  It sounds promising if it's still available.

You would think that someone would make something that mounts to the 10 pin connector, has a small antenna, and would cover a large room wireless.

So far all I have is the D800 so I need to find a tablet / operating system, and the wireless bits that play well together to make this happen. Upon reflection I don't see the need to view or store raw files on the tablet, so that's no longer a criteria, but I would like to see the jpegs show up on the tablet as I'm shooting.   I'm open to any brand of tablet and wireless gadget that can get the job done.

Again, thanks for your help.

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