Would you like a D800s? (D600 sensor, D800 body and AF, 6ftg/s)

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Re: Would you like a D800s? (D600 sensor, D800 body and AF, 6ftg/s)

I'd like a faster frame rate and a dial for custom setups. Those are the two things that would make the D800 more versatile for me.

Faster frame rate would definitely be nice, assuming you're willing to give up some resolution for that.

With regard to custom setups, I think Nikon is a little puzzled about where to go. Having a dial gives easy to set U1 and U2 positions that allow fast and easy setup recalls. But using the 'hold MODE and turn dial' method makes it easier to change between modes without taking your eye from the viewfinder. I guess it comes down to what users think is more important - saving settings, or easier mode changes through the viewfinder.

It's also worth noting that the D700/800/3/4 do have some custom setup capability with shooting menu banks and custom menu banks.

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