Moving from E-PL1 to? .. Pairing the GX1 w/Oly lenses? .. a bad idea for a me?

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Re: Moving from E-PL1 to? .. Pairing the GX1 w/Oly lenses? .. a bad idea for a me?

As you probably know by now, the newest generation sensors from both Panny and Oly are a step up from previous ones. You pay for 'em, of course, and there are some excellent deals on 'old' technology: the GX1, PM1, PL3.

My upgrade path took me from the PL1 to the PM1 to the GX1 to the PM2 (I know, too many cameras, don't ask--but all bought used). Here were my thoughts:

The PM1 was a great upgrade to the PL1--smaller, leaner, but same great IQ. IBIS, however, was much worse. I had to add a grip, but with the attached Freniac grip the camera was a joy to use. I chose the PM1 over the PL3 because the tiltable screen makes the camera wider, and I wanted the thinnest possible body. The tiltable screen is not a big deal for me.

The GX1 is a great little camera too. Notably bigger than the PM1, but probably smaller then the PL1, it definitely has a different feel. I love the clickable thumb wheel, which is much better than the ring on the Olys. The 16Mb sensor is better, for sure. However, being a long-time Oly user I found I missed a few 'little' things more and more: (a) Auto-ISO in M-mode; (b) "blinkies" in live view; (c) IBIS. None in their own was enough to make me give up the GX1, but taken together had me a little dissatisfied.

The PM2 is my newest toy and I absolutely love it. Tiny like the PM1, but with a grip this time (not as good, however, as the Freniac). I think I was spoiled by the tiny size of the PM1 and am happy to have a truly tiny camera again. IQ and performance (fps) is the same as the OMD, and I really don't miss having all those buttons. In fact, the extra two buttons compared to the PM1 make a huge difference in usability for me. I find I'm using the touch screen more and more, which also makes up for the lack of external controls. IBIS appears somewhat better than on the PM1, especially if used with a short shutter-shock delay (1/8 second).

To your question: I wouldn't think twice about getting any of these cameras, and using all your Oly lenses on them. That's the beauty of the m43 system. Let us know what you pick and please share some pictures!

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