Best material for a box to store lenses in.

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Re: Best material for a box to store lenses in.

RDMPhotos wrote:

I am so frigged jealous that you found those..

I put mine in card board boxes. I'm always going through checking for fungus..

Question: wouldn't it be best to put some padding around the sides of the lenses to keep from bouncing around when you move them. Like crumpled tissue paper, bubble wrap or a few Styrofoam peanuts??

They definitely do slide around when I move them. I'm not that worried because I'm fairly careful with them. If I was going to drive these around in a car or moving van, I would defnitely pad them in that case. The plastic is slick and malleable so they shouldn't damage the lenses. I was especially worried about the bottom where the lens sits so I tested with one lens by grinding it around for a while. Not a mark on the lens.

I definitely need more of them. I only have 3. I tried googling for new ones but even the cardboard ones I found where $30-$70. A bit pricey.

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