Best DSLR + lens combo for low light, indoor kid shots

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Re: Pentax IBIS vs Sony IBIS vs Canikon lens IS

Performance: There are random claims out there. Folks seem to believe OIS works better at tele and IBIS better at wide, OIS better with slower lenses, IBIS better with fast ones, etc. As far as I can tell, most of these claims are false, and trace back to decade-old "common sense" that no longer applies. Your best bet is to look up reviews for specific equipment. DPReview gives a77 IBIS 2-4 stops. Random Tamron lens is given 2 stops. Random Sigma lens is 3 stops. Random Nikon lens was 2-4 stops. Etc. Then you'll build an idea of where state-of-the-art is today.

Features: With IBIS, you get more stabilization as time goes on, since camera body technology moves more quickly than lens technology. I have ancient lenses from back when there was no stabilization, or it didn't work as well. Thanks to IBIS, those lenses now have state-of-the-art stabilization. OIS does stabilize image in the viewfinder. OIS also is better for video, where IBIS often doesn't work (but OIS does often inject noise into video, so you need to record audio separately).

Practice: I don't really care. I get enough stops from both OIS and IBIS that handshake is rarely an issue anymore. I really need to stops stabilization, but I really don't need more. At some point, it just doesn't matter, unless you're shooting perfectly still subjects.

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