Pls tell me what about the Canon 7D? / OT.

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Re: Only you can answer this, and in posing the question(s), you...

BushmanOrig wrote:


Thank you taking the time for the detailed answer. I have been buying and selling to improve my own experience with different models, especially when writing articles....

My 7D is special to me because my son gave it to me - he shoots pro using mainly 5D MKII and NKIII gear and he always says I should get back to using real camera equipment..... He refuse to believe the E-M5 will deliver what he does with his 5D. Looking at his work it is not difficult to believe him...

I think the hobby plus even more serious photographers are 100% OK with an OMD.....for somebody making a living I can fully understand them using a 7D, 6D or 5D equipment.....

Would be nice if pro's has as standard a OMD in the bag though....


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I'm a professional photographer, and I sold a 5D Mark II and 7D to switch to two OM-Ds (and have recently added a Panasonic G5). For my professional work, I very rarely shoot anything that moves, and that's really the only place that the Canons had a meaningful advantage over the OM-D. For everything else, the OM-Ds do just as good a job for a lot less money and weight.

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