Mom's with Cameras killing your business?

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Re: commercial/fashion is different than wedding/portraiture or stock

So you don't personally see, it does not exist.
I guess then china is non existant too?
Sorry - perhaps you have not been affected by the MWAC trend, but many many many many wedding/portrait businesses have been.
Our local PPA affiliate has long been supported by the full time studio owner - but it's about dead. They're not able to garner enough business to stay full time. The MWACs are not seeking membership, attending the schools, etc.

The newbies have no interest in 'the old way of doing things'. (albums, prints, etc)
So they are changing the industry. Perhaps you've got a great niche that they have yet to affect - but that does not mean they are not having a large impact on the industry and other photographers.

Biggs23 wrote:

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

Have 'MWACs' killed the ability to make a living with stock photography? Yep.

True to at least some extent.

Have MWACs had an effect on the ability to make a living shooting weddings? Yep. 15 years ago a wedding phtoog could make $3000-3500 as an average. Today? Half that. And you get half the jobs too.

BS. I make a full time living shooting weddings with average in that general neighborhood and I book to capacity every single year. I could book more weddings than I do if I wanted to and if I didn't impose an artificial cap.

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