Still struggling with my SSD installation, Help!

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Re: Still struggling with my SSD installation, Help!

cquarksnow wrote:

My experience is that despite the fact that a given southbridge in a chipset might offer AHCI support, the BIOS implementation on the motherboard might not, and this might be either due to a poor BIOS programming, or because enabling the feature might be causing integrity issues with circuit design or architectural choices made on a motherboard.

An example was the Dell Optiplex 745 USFF, where the chipset is capable of AHCI, yet, either because of packet arbitration issues with the IDE interface for the docked optical drive, I could not managed to enable AHCI.

When I checked device manager, I only saw :

Intel® ICH8 2 port Serial ATA Storage Controller - 2825
Intel® ICH8 4 port Serial ATA Storage Controller - 2820

but despite trying all combinations and premutations in the BIOS and removing the docked optical drive, I would never see the :

Intel® ICH8 SATA AHCI Controller - 2824 ‚Äčthat would appear on other motherboards featuring the same southbridge/revision

I was not able to override this by installing drivers, as the 2824 pnp dev entry was not there in the first place.

Also I followed this link, but no luck AHCI enabling

and then asked Dell to put me in touch with the BIOS developers (Pegatron or whoever else), but got nowhere.

I could not get chained NCQ performance, and the SATA "normal" setting in the BIOS rather than "legacy" was just to signify no IDE emulation mode rather than AHCI enabling.

It would be nice if manufacturers would have that in the specs and BIOS language would be standardized, and then no one would buy SSDs unless the JESD218 or JESD219 rating would be publicized.....

Hope this helps,


I sure wish it did, but, went clean over my head! I'm not real computer literate as you can probably tell! I'm going to try this one more time, Fresh Install, Loading the drivers at the beginning, Hopefully, and see if that works!

Again, I sure do appreciate all the help on this borad, thanks again! I always come  here when I have a problem! Great Place!

PS: You are correct in that I have an Old OEM, got it when win 7 came out, they were promoting it and I believe I got it for about $49.00?

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