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Re: Craig, we have the actual figures - but do "we" understand what they mean?

John King wrote:

rovingtim wrote:

Craig from Nevada wrote:

Lets assume world digital camera sales are above 115 million cameras

73 million

That looked very like it was the figure for the quarter to me, but I could have been mistaken ...

Let's assume Olympus has market share of about 10 percent or about sales of 11.5 million

7% ... or 4.8 million

Lets assume Olympus Imaging loses $170 million this year on cameras only, but breaks even on lenses and accessories.

Olympus is losing almost $15 on each camera it sells.

Oly's camera division losses doubled from last year.

Once again. Is it the 20th time in the last week? These are carry forward losses and liabilities. Not provision for non-current (future) losses or liabilities. Not trading losses from the current year (they made a trading profit ... IIRC ... ).

This is from the link I posted earlier.

Isn't it amazing how everyone with a simple cash book program on their computer is suddenly a high-flying corporate accountant/financial controller?

Hands up everyone who holds an accounting degree, membership of their professional accounting body, and a practising certificate ... ROTFL ...

John--Olympus has an economic problem and not an accounting problem.  On a prospective basis do they have the products to compete and be profitable.  The restated forecast loss is a big problem.  When they made the projection they did not understand what was going to happen in the market--This is a change in demand (not a change in the quantity demanded) for cameras.) How the worlds uses imaging technology may have changed.  A free-standing camera is okay for some, but the world may want a single device to communicate with the world including the capacity to take and sent pictures. OMD is not this device.

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