Nikon D7100 announcement?

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Re: Nikon D7100 announcement?

Adrian Van wrote:

My guess would be the price of new body D7100 will be same as D7000 when it first launched. Was that around 1199 or 1299 for body only?, or camera with 18-105mm might be 1499/1599 with lens. We will see.

A D400, if one is coming this year, maybe will start at 1899 for body only (around the original D300s price), provided it has rugged pro (dedicated buttons) body and better AF 51pt. system at 16MP to 24MP with 7 to 8 fps or so. Maybe they should make a new sensor at 18mp to 20mp/21mp to differentiate from other products for serious photographers. One can only wish.

A D300s if a few are still left in stores like Vistek in my area of Toronto was selling at 1495. as new last year.

Nikon wants to release the D7100 first and a few months later the D400 (is my guess). Sales will be higher that way. Sell a lot of D7100 cameras and then put out the D400 and people who want the D400 features will go buy it. Come out with the D400 first and you miss out (on sales) on people who would buy a D7100  figuring a D400 will never come out (or they can't wait any longer for it) and then buy a D400 5-6 months later.

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