Wedding wire,, hating it..

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Re: Wedding wire,, hating it..

I tried the Knot for a year. I got a deal from them for $100 a month my ad was always on the first page, that was a lot more normally.. What did I get for hits, maybe 3-5 a month and I don't think I ever got a job from it. So forget the Knot, overpriced. I dont mind spending Ad dollars if they get results.

Actually here is one wedding I did get from the Knot:

Plus the picture on the top of the page, the Knot used it on top of their page when you went on the website for RI and they goofed and put another photographers name. I had no idea my picture was being used. They realized the mistake and left it up there and put my name for credit. It was there a long time, I cant access the site now unless you sign up.

Note the name on the picture

here is where they changed it.

You cant even checkout the Knot anymore without signing up with your email etc. Brides must be hammered with advertising from that sellathon site.

I was only getting about an average 4 hits to my website a month paying $750 a year from wedding wire.

They called me about renewing my sub. and I told them it was not worth it.

My other local referral websites like RI I was getting about 12-18 hits a months and they cost me only $150 a year!

So I noticed when I cancelled I was getting all kinds of hits to my website. I use Google Analytics, it gives you all kind of detailed info on visitors. My hits went from 4,5 a month to 35!.. The big sign was the new visitor hits. On my other referral website stats, new visitors was always high, say about 75%, meaning that a few people would return, the lower the % the more the same person was returning.. OH yeah also the time spent on the website was another clue.. It got down to a few seconds.

Well the new hits got down to about 5%!.. Meaning someone at Wedding wire was clicking on my site so maybe I would change my mind about canceling.. plus the price went UP of course..


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