Henri Cartier Bresson reporting in North France.

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Re: Henri Cartier Bresson reporting in North France.

Michel Pont wrote:

Here is a link to view a video about HCB photographing in North France.

This video is quite long and I think really interesting. The video presents a french man who was the guide of HCB while he came to North France.

Based on the pictures the Master took, the guide tries to remember where he accompanied HCB, decades ago, and try find the exact place where HCB took his pictures all around this area.

Unfortunately for english-only speakers, language is in French.

This video has been available for long (a year) but I think it was quite discreetly uploaded on YouTube so not many people saw it (1800 watch only).

There are 5 parts.


A precision which could be interesting:

This was the last deep reportage of HCB. It was made in 1976 and HCB stoped taking pictures 4 years ago already. The guide convinced HCB to go back to field work for this last documentary and they took the road together.

He mentions HCB always had his two Leica Body on him, with two 50mm lenses attached on it. One landing on each side of his body.

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