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Re: Care to make a gent's bet?

YouDidntDidYou wrote:

I actually think Olympus imaging will continue to show losses in March 2013 but they will be much narrower however I think by December 2013 Olympus imaging will return to profit...

.BTW its not just the E-M5 saving Olympus, PENs and toughs look they are selling well too

living life to the Four Thirds!

Well you are entitled to have whatever dreams you wish to have.

The fact is that Olympus imaging made 9bn yen of losses in the 9 months to December and Olympus far from expecting losses to fall in the next 3 months, expect losses to be 7bn yen for the next 3 months alone. Considering that 6 months ago they expected the division to make a profit for the year they are not known for being conservative with their forecasts.

The imaging division is making operating losses this year equivalent to 15% of sales. This is in a year when they have had the singular success of the OMD. Next year sales will continue to fall. Losses are larger than their entire sales in North America. It would take a quite dramatic turnaround for this business to breakeven.

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