Now, this is music

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Re: Now, this is music

PhD4 wrote:

But all of the above applies to my favorite..... except for understanding the words.

Sigur Ros - Ekki Múkk live

Fantastic band a a great experience live. I saw them for the first time on a festival back when it was not only alcohol that made for a fun night out. A mate had smuggled some dope into the stage ground and we got a bit stoned. We wandered into a tent where this strange band was playing. Pretty baked, after some time we both lay down in one of the corners and i fell asleep.

When i woke up there were about 100 people lying and sleeping on the ground around us. My head was on someones leg and others had put their heads on mine. Meanwhile this guy was singing like a women (Olsen olsen) and the music was very powerful. I´m not a hippy but it was a fantastic athmosphere.

One of the best memories of my life.

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