Do you non professionals still use DSLR's? And why?

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Re: Living in the past?

ultimitsu wrote:

I am not imposing my standard or requirement on you.

With respect - from my point of view, everything that followed in that last post was you telling me what would constitute "acceptable" or a "keeper" for you. What you​ need, to get what ​you want.

You're telling me I have to be able to shoot at ISO3200 which is what you consider a requirement, to meet your IQ standards. (Actually, what would most likely happen is - I would use lower ISO and slower shutter speed... my image would then not be as sharp as yours and not perfectly frozen. ie. I took the shot, but your IQ is better, which I accept. What I don't accept is you telling me I simply couldn't shoot in the first place!).

You see, I never said FZ150 cannot shoot action.

You said: "your FZ does indeed prevent you from shooting action".

Does that not mean the same thing?

I said yoru list omitted high iso Iq which is a important attribute for action photography.

I listed the stuff that enable me to take action shots in the first place.

I did not list "high ISO IQ" in that list because... it's an IQ attribute.

You just said it yourself!

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