How useful is the 5R's touchscreen ----trying to decide between a 5R, 6 and a D5200

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How useful is the 5R's touchscreen ----trying to decide between a 5R, 6 and a D5200

Have been using a nex 3 for the past one year.Reasonably happy with this camera specially the dynamic range it offers, the lightweight body and most of the time the image quailty it produces.However there are a few things i don't like abt:----

1)too much hunting and at times failure to focus at night, somewhat tricky to achieve infinity focus and inability to track an object in motion

2) The only flash compatible with nex 3 is not available in my country and it's rather high failure rate me me hesitant to order it frm abroad at a considerably high cost. I need flash for macro shots and fill in for shots during mid-day.

3)it's tendency to over expose

4) iso performance while good could be better and HHT shots are never in focus.besides since HHT's completely auto can't set aperture either.

5)too few controls--- doesn't have a focus lock, aperture lock and even after customizing the few physical buttons available always feel it a button short.

6)color rendering of jpegs could be better

7) and finally jack of options for remote shutter making it impossible to do longer than 30 sec exposure shots

now how effective is the 5R's touchscreen? I really like the iea of a touch to magnify, touch to focus and touch a subject in motion to track it.Ofcourse you can do the same using either center focus or spotfocus using jog dial but it is much less convenient.So much question is how effective is touch focus in practice....have relatively small hands. Does the 5R have a AEL lock button ? Does the a mount flashes work ith nex 5R ??

Regarding the 6 the thing that interests me most is the mode dial and the universal hot shoe.Now you can use the jog dial to get to the settings but it takes a lotta time.This is only a problem when you want to quickly select the sports mode. By the time i get to that mode on my nex the action has usually ended.Though i don't take too many action shots so this isn't a must have but still a nice to have nonetheless. What interests me a lot abt the nex 6 is the universal hot shoe .... now how many external flash units provide full ttl and are compatible with nex 6 ? need some info here . the adapter to use sony flashes adp-maa is not available in my country. What abt third party flashes are they supported?? ttl won't be avilable but i can still use them for macro work by trial and error method. I have never used an evf and frankly i don't know what advantages it has over lcd screen ?? i seldom shoot in midday/harsh sunlight . I do have some problem focusing at night though.Can an evf help in that aspect ?? Also iw wear spectacles so will evf really be useful for someone like me ?

Does the 5R or nex 6 under or overexpose ?? Both are available withe the 16-50 PZ lens and the price difference between them isn't much/Just 100 $ more for the 6.

the reason am considering a nikon d5200 is because lenses are widely available and are cheaper,auto focus and focus tracking is much better ? and have heard that nikon offers better metering and much better color rendering in OOC jpegs. The thing i don't like abt conventional dslrs is the weight. Dont mind the size but have hand defect so cant really get blur free shots with heavy dlsrs.have used my cousins d90 with 18-135 mm lens and that thing was too heavy to is d5200?

regarding lenses currently using the kit lens and the 30mm macro lens.Would shortly get a fel35f18 and a 16mm pancake lens with wide angle converter( if i do stick with the nex).The only lens missing ( one which i badly want) is something like a 17-50mm f2.8 lens or 2.8-4 lens.

none of these cameras are available locally so have to go based on user reviews. Anyway will hold onto my nex 3 no matter what.

Nikon D5200 Nikon D90
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