Studio Portraiture on X System Cameras?

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Re: Studio Portraiture on X System Cameras?

KyleSlamchez wrote:

I recently posted on the Pro Digital forum about equipping a new studio in Indianapolis. I'm shooting on a Pentax K20d at the moment, but I'm saving money to possibly switch to a different system.

If I thought I could get away with a mirrorless system, Fuji would be my first choice. I adore the X100. It's really too bad they discontinued the S Pro line, as I've heard it still can't be matched for dynamic range and OOC skin tones.

If you only needed to shoot static subjects for pro portraiture and home interiors, could you recommend the Fuji X system in lieu of a heavy full frame body (at the expense of some depth of field control, of course)? How compatible are they with remote triggers and that sort of thing?

I am in Indy as well, and I shoot regularly with an X100, X-Pro1 and Pentax K-5 in studio. I love my systems for the work that I do.

Below taken with Fuji's

Really nice shots.

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