What 35mm f1.4 to f1.8 lenses would you recommend?

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Re: What 35mm f1.4 to f1.8 lenses would you recommend?

cptrios wrote:

Unfortunately, what you're trying to do (wild field of view, low depth of field) is one of the situations where an APS-C sensor really does become a big drawback. If I may make a suggestion: go get a legacy 50mm f/1.2 lens and step back a few feet. There are plenty out there in the $100 range. I reckon you would have needed to be about 15 feet away from the dancers in your above photo with a 35mm lens, which means you'd need to be about 25 feet back with a 50mm. 50mm and f/1.2 at 25ft will get you a marginally slimmer DoF than 35mm and f/1.8 at 15.

If this kind of shot is your main use for your camera, I'd very strongly consider ditching your NEX stuff and investing in a used Canon 5D and a nifty fifty. You'll get the whole thing for under $600 if you play your cards right.

Or, combine a 1,4/50 (1,8/50) with a metabone speed booster ($400 in the dumb version).


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